About: What is Madaleno

Madaleno the name:

First and foremost Madaleno is a family name with roots that began in the region of Campobasso-just a 3 hour drive south of Rome. Surrounded by the Sannio and Matese Mountains; it is considered one of the coldest places to live in Italy.

Madaleno is a deeply meaningful name.  Some historians suggest that it derives from the first name, Magdalena; pronounced mag-da-lee-nah. It is of Greek origin and means “women from Magdala.”

Today Madaleno is a name you will encounter across the globe. You will find many Madaleno’s in Canada, the United States, Italy, Portugal, and France. Canada is the birthplace of Madaleno Magazine.

Teresa Madaleno is the creator of the magazine.  Teresa ‘s first exposure to storytelling was through her mother, father, aunts, uncles, and grandparents so she thought it would be appropriate to name the magazine after her family. Stella and Antonio Madaleno, Teresa’s grandparents, had an open-door policy- friends and neighbours were always welcome in their home for food, drink and conversation (storytelling).  Teresa firmly believes that everyone has an interesting story to tell, but often times they just don’t realize it.

Madaleno Magazine allows Teresa to write about the subjects and issues that are of interest to the Madaleno family and to her; stories she is interested in sharing with readers. Madaleno magazine is also a chance for Teresa’s influencers (extended family, friends, readers etc.)  to have their say. All they have to do is reach out to her and let her know what they want to read about.

Who is Teresa?


Teresa is a former broadcast journalist who focuses on freelance writing and media consulting.  Her non-fiction book, Girl Power: Chronicles of the True Power of Female Friendships has been featured at author’s workshops at Indigo and is available on-line at Lulu.com. It is also available on Amazon Kindle and on Kobo.  Teresa’s passions include,  family, friends, her dog Sprite, reading and writing.


One thought on “About: What is Madaleno

  1. I was reading your story about your ancestors in Castropignano and to my surprise we are related in the chain of the Cameli. In fact my great great grand aunt was Angela Cameli married Giuseppe Traverselli. Please elaborate further so I can verify all the
    details. (Larry.Marinelli@hot mail .com) Thank you.

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