Stopping to Smell the Lavender

Madaleno Magazine Guest Contributor: Keelin Mayer


I find the smell of lavender intoxicating. Subtle yet distinct, I use lavender essential oil for relaxation and enjoy the delicious plant in a refreshing cup of lemonade on hot summer days.

My love for lavender and all things derived from it made my discovery of Prince Edward County Lavender very exciting. Nestled in Hillier, Ontario the owners Rolande and Derek have built an inviting and picturesque oasis that offers visitors a boutique, accessible lavender fields and a charming and comfortable B&B.

From teas and soaps to t-shirts, the Prince Edward County Lavender boutique has something for everyone. Visitors can’t help but walk through the store slowly, smelling and touching products as they go. Access to the fields is available through the store. A moderate two-dollar charge is required for all those wishing to explore the fields, and it is well worth it. Row upon row of purple and white flowers’ invite visitors to stop to inhale the subtle smell and gently caress the fragile flowers.

By happenstance I stumbled upon the farm on a Saturday afternoon in July when Roger Scannura, a Flamenco Guitarist/Composer was serenading guests as they wandered through the fields. My family and I relaxed in the brightly coloured Adirondack chairs scattered throughout the field, while the tranquil melody wafted across the aromatic-air and plump bumblebees flew from one flower to the next. It was a perfect way to spend a lazy summer afternoon.

After returning home, I looked up the company’s website and Facebook page and discovered that the farm hosts an annual Lavender Festival. Running two days in early July, guests are able to enjoy live entertainment, local food, live music and of course, an array of lavender products. I have already made a note on my calendar for next summer!

More information on Prince Edward County Lavender can be found on their website, or Facebook page.

Contributing Writer, Keelin Mayer is passionate about writing, yummy food and nature. She spends her free time exploring forests and mud puddles with her husband and two young sons.