Women Shopping in Men’s Stores

Writer: Teresa Madaleno

UnknownSo how many times have you seen a man in a women’s store fumbling through racks and looking uncomfortable? He’s probably looking for a gift for someone but for some reason he feels and looks uncomfortable. It is interesting that when a woman goes into a men’s store she is usually calm, cool and relaxed as she walks about, touching and rifling through various items. Often she will engage store employees in conversation as she tries to find the perfect tie for Dad or a great shirt for her boyfriend or husband.

Since we are so comfortable in these stores ladies, why are we not taking it a step further and trying some of the men’s clothing on? Yes, I am suggesting that as you thumb through those racks you just might find something that looks great on you. Here is why men’s clothing might be a good option:

  • You will stand out – if you don’t want to look like every other girl on the block, you can stand out by wearing a cool shirt or perhaps a hat from a men’s shop.
  • You will be comfortable – not everyone likes clothing to be skin-tight and this is your opportunity to find something loose fitting. Sometimes you can find funky men’s shirts that serve as dresses.
  • You can find lots of basics and neutrals – generally speaking men don’t go for a lot of flash; they prefer to keep their wardrobes pretty simple. Men’s shops are full of basics, such as plain colored t-shirts and socks. Every girl needs basics in her wardrobe.
  • You can stretch your budget – a lot of pieces that you buy in men’s stores remain in style for a long time, thus saving you money in the long run.
  • You can meet guys – for those ladies who are single, shopping in a men’s store is a good place to meet a new friend – wink, wink.


Studies show that a lot of men shop as if it is a task that has to be completed in a certain amount of time. They find the products they want; sometimes check competitors or alternatives, make a purchase and they are done.

Meanwhile research shows the majority of women, treat the task of shopping as an important mission. They look at a lot of options, try many items on, compare with alternatives, ask about new stock coming into stores, discuss choices with girlfriends, hunt for discounts, put items on lay-a-way, sign-up for store newsletters/e-mails…the steps go on. I doubt adding stop by a men’s shop would bother many of the women who can identify with this way of shopping.

If you love to shop until you drop or if you are just looking to add something different to your wardrobe, consider going to a men’s store.