Fat Busting Foods


Madaleno Magazine Contributing Writer, Marie Russell

Those who know me well understand that I have a keen interest in anything to do with food. This doesn’t mean I know everything about nourishment, but I do like to keep up on the latest research in nutrition. A few years ago zero calorie foods were a big topic of discussion, but now the focus has turned to fat busting foods.

Zero calorie foods are great since they contain fewer calories than the body needs to break them down. Nutritionists account for the energy it takes to chew and digest a food when they calculate calories. Foods like celery and cucumbers are zero calories and can be yummy. You can eat them in large amounts without feeling guilty and without feeling like you are busting a gut. Let’s be honest though, after a while zero calorie foods can be downright boring. For this reason, I like fat busting foods.


Here is a list of some of my favourite fat burning foods:

  • Lentils – one cup includes 35 percent of your daily iron needs. Close to 20 percent of us are iron-deficient. I learned years ago from a nutritionist that our metabolism slows down when you lack a nutrient.
  • Green tea – there is a compound in green tea that can speed up metabolism. I like to keep a jug of green iced tea in the fridge to increase my intake.
  • Low fat dairy – rich in calcium and vitamin D, low fat dairy can help to preserve muscle mass and help you maintain a strong metabolism.
  • Hot peppers – chilli peppers have a compound in them that heats up our body and makes calories melt. You can consume raw, cooked, dried or powdered peppers to burn fat.
  • Grapefruit – this fruit can lower insulin, and regulate metabolism.
  • Spinach and green vegetables – many green veggies fight free radicals and can also help muscle building.
  • Whole grains – in small amounts, quinoa and brown rice prevent the body from storing fat.

There are other examples of fat burning foods, but these are the ones I like and find easy to incorporate into my daily diet. Give some of these a shot instead of limiting yourself to zero calorie foods and see if you shed those few extra pounds you have been wanting to say goodbye to.

Contributing Writer, Marie Russell is a pop-culture expert and self-professed foodie who has been freelance writing for over a decade.