The Buff Stuff Store


Madaleno Magazine Guest Contributor: Keelin Mayer

UnknownI spent a lot of time in and out of doctor’s offices and hospital emergency rooms with my youngest son when he was very little. It was worrisome, to say the least. The issue was his breathing, and while our family doctor did her best to try to identify the underlying issue it wasn’t until I was introduced to a wonderful naturopath that we figured out that my son was allergic to a wide variety of foods, including cow dairy. We immediately altered his diet and saw an improvement in his health.

Fast-forward a year and a bit. My son, at a year and a half was thriving but feeding him was proving extremely challenging due to an increasing list of food allergies including cow, goat and sheep dairy. Haunted by the belief that young children need large amounts of high fat cow’s milk for proper brain development, I worried about the long-term affects of the omission then I discovered the Ontario Water Buffalo Company.

Ontario Water Buffalo Company is a family-run milking water buffalo farm located in Stirling, Ontario. I stumbled upon it when searching for a viable dairy option for my son.

Owners, Lori Smith and Martin Littkemann opened their aptly named Buff Stuff Store in 2014 and sell everything from water buffalo steaks to soaps and cheeses.

My kids and I now make weekly trips to the Buff Stuff Store where we stock up on honey garlic pepperettes and smoked asiago cheese – yum! The staff now know us by name and have taken a genuine interest in my son’s introduction to, and acceptance of, water buffalo products.

While Stirling may be out of the way for some, a trip to the Ontario Water Buffalo Company is well worth it.

More details about their farm and store can be found on their website and Facebook page.


Contributing Writer, Keelin Mayer is passionate about writing, yummy food and nature. She spends her free time exploring forests and mud puddles with her husband and two young sons.


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