The Little Tart



Madaleno Magazine Guest Contributor: Keelin Mayer

The first time I walked into The Little Tart I felt at home in the space. The bakery was a general store in a previous life, and I could still picture the shelves holding grocery store bread and bags of chips. These items had been replaced with original works of art, humourous food labels and upbeat music, making the room feel unique and inviting.

When I turned my attention to the display case in front of me I stopped dead in my tracks. Before me lay a wide variety of home made delicious looking tarts, cookies and squares. Yum!

I am a sucker for home baking. And I don’t mean the ‘home baking’ of a large corporate company that claims to be “family owned and operated”. What I mean is the home baking that uses great-grandma’s cookie recipe – a secret shared with a select few each generation. Or the lemon meringue pie with peaks so perfect you hesitate eating them because you feel that you are eating works of art.

I purchased my first delicious lemon tart from the shop owner himself. Bill is an easy going, tie-die wearing man who will patiently stand by and watch as you wrestle with yourself, trying to figure out which tart you’re going to indulge in today.

If you have a cottage in the Haliburton area and have not ventured to The Little Tart shop I encourage you to plan a trip there soon. Bill and Theresa work tirelessly during cottage season to stock the shop with their home baking. Be sure to get there early; they tend to sell out!

The Little Tart is located just outside of Haliburton, in Donald, Ontario. Find them on Facebook or visit their blog,

Contributing Writer, Keelin Mayer is passionate about writing, yummy food and nature. She spends her free time exploring forests and mud puddles with her husband and two young sons.



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