Teresa’s Latest Likes

From time-to-time I will be sharing some of my recent reads. I would love to hear about your favourites as well.


My Sunshine Away by M.O Walsh

My Sunshine Away is a gripping mystery novel by a virtual unkown, M.O Walsh. It is set in a typical Baton Rouge neighbourhood in the summer of 1989 and focuses on a horrible childhood mystery – an unsolved rape.

The narrator (main character) sets the tone from the beginning of the novel- “There are four suspects in the rape of Lindy Simpson…I should tell you now that I was one of the suspects. Hear me out. Let me explain.”

This Author’s engrossing plot is equally matched by his prose. Walsh has the ability to make readers literally feel the heat of a Louisiana summer. He writes: “There are no breezes sweeping off the dark servitudes and marshes, no cooling rains. Instead, the rain that falls here survives only to boil on the pavement, to steam up your glasses, to burden you.”

The main character finds his life change in many ways as a result of this crime against Lindy. He brings to the forefront both the kindness and cruelty of children. Walsh forces the reader to think.

If nostalgia, the exploration of youthful anguish, an unsolved mystery, and simply good writing appeal to you, My Sunshine Away is a journey worth taking.


Radical Survivor by Nancy Saltzman

Radical Survivor is a heart-wrenching memoir by Colorado resident, Nancy Saltzman. A cancer survivor and educator, Saltzman experiences the unimaginable. She loses her husband and two sons in a plane crash.

Radical Survivor is a candid, emotional account of her life, but it is humorous at certain points.

I will not candy-coat it- this is sad; very sad, yet there is a happy ending. Saltzman shares the resources she used that enabled her to move forward. Spoiler Alert…She finds love again.

Radical Survivor is an independently published book. For more information, including how to get a copy go to: http://www.nancysaltzman.com



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