Girl Power: A Book by Teresa Madaleno

The term “friendship’ has changed a lot over the years. Today social media has stretched the world “friends” to a whole new dimension. People now have relationships with others from all over the world and they may never see them face-to-face. Still there are some things about friendship that have never changed and never will. For example, there will always be good friends, bad friends and fair weather friends. It is up to all of us to decide what kind of friends we want and what kind of friend we want to be.

I think most of us want and deserve the kind of friend you will read about in Girl Power!

Teresa's Non-Fiction Book

Girl Power: Chronicles of the True Power of Female Friendships is my first non-fiction book. It is currently available at, as well as on Amazon Kindle and on Kobo.

I spent 4 and a half years interviewing women about their unique and powerful friendships. What I ended up with was a moving collection of short stories from ladies across North America. Each story is about two women; one who inspires, helps or guides the other through an overwhelming obstacle or difficulty, therefore demonstrating the true power of female friendship.

“Girl Power” covers a wide array of human experiences  including pain and heartache, joy and faith. It brings a number of issues to the forefront such as physical abuse, mental illness, divorce, trauma, cancer, and even miracles.

I am so grateful to these women for allowing me to share their lives with readers. They are remarkable ladies who are examples of strength and hope.

Jacqueline Thornton -Information Services, Aurora Public Library says, “These stories will radiate off the pages and into your heart.”

Marion Gold-Narrative Researcher, Hag and Crone says, “The narratives capture the readers’ interest and the stories demand the turning of pages. They flow as a river of words. A terrific psychological narrative!”




2 thoughts on “Girl Power: A Book by Teresa Madaleno

  1. I loved each and every heartfelt story. I laughed aloud at times and I will also admit I had a cry. Great stuff Teresa.

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